28 March 2023 – Paris, Toronto – Horizon Software (Horizon), a leading provider of electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology for the global capital markets, announced today that they are now certified on the Montreal Exchange (MX).

With this certification, Horizon’s clients can now trade exchange traded derivatives, including equity derivatives, currency options, index derivatives, and interest rate derivatives.

Horizon is now able to provide connectivity to any financial institutions that want to trade on MX, including the following workflows: committed orders and pre-arranged trade workflows, order for strategies that trade via implied, basis trade on close instruments and stop orders.

Robert Tasca, Managing Director, Derivatives Products and Services at MX said: “We are proud to announce the certification of Horizon Software as MX’s new independent software vendor (ISV). MX continues to explore new opportunities to augment our growing global client base, and execute on our long-term, sustainable growth strategy.”

Isabelle Dominjon, Business Development Manager at Horizon Software added: “This is an important milestone in our development strategy in the Canadian market, and in our OMS suite of offerings. This certification demonstrates Horizon’s commitment to providing its clients with access to the most innovative trading solutions and cutting-edge technology available.”

About Horizon Software
Horizon has been empowering capital market players for over two decades by building powerful algorithmic technology into its electronic trading platform and offering trading opportunities through direct connectivity to more than 80 exchanges worldwide. Horizon enables clients to quickly create, test and implement automated trading strategies in real-time, in line with its ‘Trade Your Way’ philosophy. Its platform can be easily integrated with rich APIs and allows proprietary strategies to be built while keeping traders’ code confidential. Horizon is also a Certified B Corporation verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

More information: www.hsoftware.com

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