Our Technology

Horizon’s multi-asset platform is purpose built for the unique demands of electronic trading, with a core architecture that adapts to client needs and the evolving demands of a complex, connected world.

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Illustration of application screens.

At the heart of our technology is a simple idea: software should facilitate the user’s ability to act on opportunities. For electronic trading, that means having a single integrated platform with seamless inbound and outbound interoperability between client systems, markets, data sources and more. And because all users have unique needs, a trading platform should facilitate customization and innovation, while maintaining secure and confidential services.

At Horizon, technology matters. We’re building on a technical foundation that’s been real-world tested over many years, but we never rest on past achievements. We continuously hone and update our technology so our trading solution is resilient, effective and secure. Our clients depend on it.

How our technology is structured

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