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The demands of electronic trading never stand still. Our mission is to help our clients master change, with the shortest possible time to market and most efficient lifetime cost. New markets, assets, regulations and competitors are continuously changing the game. Horizon solutions are built to sustain your advantage.

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Screen shots from Horizon platform.

Horizon supports all electronic trading businesses related to listed markets from agency trading to principal trading. Native trading functionalities and sophisticated algorithmic capabilities within our platform allow clients to create, test and implement automated strategies with incredible speed and agility. Our service infrastructure ensures the highest levels of security, uptime and readiness for the future.

Highly customizable. Super efficient. Only Horizon.

Horizon Extend is a powerful extension framework that makes it possible to go beyond the platform’s off-the-shelf features and implement custom logic, algorithms and integrations. Using language-agnostic APIs (Rest API, FIX protocol and others) as well as Java/Scala APIs, our customers can:

Build sophisticated trading strategies and algorithms

Automate workflows

Integrate with other internal or third-party systems, including middle office and referential data

Add compliance and security checks

Integrate screens from other systems inside Horizon’s front end

Integrate AI models to implement trading strategies

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