Key benefits with Horizon Managed Services

Flow chart showing managed services.
  • Horizon delivers managed services either from an exchange colocation facility or via proximity hosting, relying on industry leading vendors.
  • Global infrastructure deployed worldwide in Tier 1 to 3 Data Centers.​
  • Scalable infrastructure can be dynamically expanded.​
  • Flexible options for managed services:​
    • Managed Standard – Customer provides the infrastructure and delegates Horizon to manage the service of the platform.​​
    • Managed Hosted dedicated or mutualized – Horizon provides client infrastructure and manages the service for both the infrastructure and the platform,​ either on a dedicated or mutualized environment (including yearly failover).
  • On-demand Azure Cloud options to support POCs initiatives.
    • Horizon environments are available on demand.
    • Scalability, responsiveness ensured by infrastructure as code and CI-CD.
    • Secure workloads within private networks.
    • Growing expertise with ongoing certification process.


  • Globally recognized SOC-2 certification.​
  • Dedicated team to monitor and maintain security standards.​
  • Periodic internal audits, testing and source code review to meet regulatory and client requirements.
  • Vendor access control to client production environments. 
  • Identity and Access Management.


  • Extensive experience in delivering client connectivity to exchanges, brokers and market data providers through various options: VPN, X-CO, leased lines, MPLS and public cloud connectivity.​
  • Proximity to metro hubs to leverage interconnectivity between POPs.


  • 24/6 infrastructure monitoring and a proactive change-management process.​
  • Daily Morning Check sent to client at the start of the day to confirm application readiness.​
  • Close cooperation with third-party vendors to deliver and support your infrastructure.
  • Disaster Recovery Process.

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