Low-Touch Trading

Routing rules

Horizon’s Low-Touch Routing Rules Engine allows the definition of unlimited and customized routing rules depending on order attributes, order instrument, client properties and other external information. The rules are editable through a dedicated screen and can be updated in real time.

Orders can be automatically or manually rerouted when necessary or parked to conform to exchange opening hours. Unreleased order flow is easily managed, and your client is never impacted — everything happens within the trading platform.

Screen shot from Horizon platform.

Monitor & manage exceptions

Monitor large volumes of orders, easily identifying the trades that matter. With powerful filtering, flexible tabs and notifications, you can stay on top of your electronic order flow. Horizon simplifies managing routine orders, so you can focus on the exceptions.

Define which rejects should be staged to the trading desk. Repair and resend orders seamlessly. With low-touch exception management, you can deal quickly with errors and manage greater order flow.

Algo white labelling (DSA)

Have full control on the algos that you expose to your clients. White-label several versions of them and different providers by easily defining and maintaining conversion and routing rules.

Synthetic modalities

For all destinations, you can standardize the order types and validities you offer, and synthesize order types not yet supported, including iceberg, pegged and ghost orders. As well, you can emulate Good Till Date and Good Till Canceled orders, even on exchanges without native support.

Horizon Notify

As data volumes grow and systems become increasingly complex, you need the right information, at the right time, and in the right place.

Horizon Notify addresses this challenge by offering a modular, distributed and flexible notification framework. This subscription-based module allows users to get only the notifications they need, with contextual actions and handover workflows. Notifications can be forwarded or copied based on optional, customizable rules, and notifications can be rerouted to email, Teams, Symphony and other collaboration tools.

Horizon Notify is natively embedded in the Horizon trading platform, providing rich and intuitive notification popups, alert blotters and subscription views. It is an open system that integrates easily to publish or relay alerts from other applications, or push notifications to third-party systems.

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