Horizon Extend to build on the platform capabilities

Horizon Extend brings flexibility to the platform’s built-in features by allowing our customers to customize the behaviors and develop new ones to fit their specific requirements. The fully open platform allows customers to leverage all the existing features and focus solely on the additional features without reinventing the wheel.

Pattern of blocks.
Screen shot from Horizon platform.

With Horizon Extend, you can:

Build sophisticated trading strategies and algorithms

Automate workflows

Integrate with other internal or third-party systems, including middle office and referential data

Add compliance and security checks

Integrate screens from other systems inside Horizon’s front end

Integrate AI models to implement trading strategies


What can Horizon Extend do for you?

Increase revenue

Horizon Extend lets you develop your own business logic for pricing, hedging, trading, optimization and other activities.

Reduce time to market

Horizon Extend lets you build only what you need to add value. You can use existing platform features, control your priorities and timeline. You can also mandate Horizon’s experts to further speed up implementation.

Protect intellectual property

You own the parts you add to the platform, and they remain confidential.

Reduce risk

Optimal integration with external systems, automation of workflows, automation of security and limit checks.

Reduce cost

Horizon Extend builds on our existing, established framework and API for quicker, less costly development.


Our services

Training and assistance

Developer training and assistance, covering the platform, architecture and code.

Specific development

Development and deployment of tasks and projects.


A Horizon specialist can be fully embedded in your team.

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