Actively Managed Certificates & Structured Products

Structured Products

Horizon’s platform provides a complete solution for trading structured products. It manages a variety of asset classes including vanilla equity-linked notes (ELN), accumulators, barriers, range accrual notes and more. The platform can be integrated with internal or third-party pricing engines to provide prices and greeks to Horizon. And it can provide firm or indicative quotes to multiple trading venues, including Horizon Internalizer.

Horizon supports on- and off-exchange trading workflows – with RFQs and orders collected from trading venues and emails, or manually input by the sales team or traders. With Horizon Extend, you can implement custom workflows or complex pricing use cases.

Pattern of blocks.

Actively Managed Certificates

Horizon supports the entire trading life cycle of an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC). Price your Actively Managed Index (AMI) in real time within Horizon using custom pricing and fees formulas. The platform supports multiple asset classes, currencies and cash components as parts of your AMI.

You can offer one or multiple AMCs based on a given AMI. Leverage Horizon Structured Products support to publish quotes and to trade on your AMC.

After rebalancing your AMI composition using Horizon Extend, you can trade the resulting basket of orders directly in Horizon.

Risk and hedging

With Horizon, you can monitor exposure at the structured product or AMC level – and for each of their components. As well, you can hedge your risk manually using hedging baskets or automatically with Horizon Portfolio Hedger.

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