Principal Trading and Market Making with Horizon

Horizon provides a complete solution, within a single multi-asset platform, for clients engaged in principal trading and market making.

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The world of principal trading and market making is broad and complex – and it never stays still. Success depends on your ability to respond with speed and finesse to changing conditions and market opportunities, no matter how short-lived. Horizon’s platform connects you to an expanding network of over 150 markets, brokers, data sources and crypto venues. Horizon’s multi-asset market making platform manages an extensive range of products and securities, including options, warrants, delta one products, barrier products, futures, ETFs and FX. It fully supports the life cycle of Listed and OTC Products, from issuance to market making and hedging positions. It also proposes comprehensive monitoring, notifications and alerts – all within a customizable, easy-to-use UI. On top of off-the-shelf features, Horizon Extend empowers you with custom functionality you need, at a speed that gives you the competitive edge.

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