Cryptocurrencies & Digital Assets

Crypto trading happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This opens up opportunities for trading but also means it’s close to impossible to stay on top of market movements all the time.

Horizon Extend’s scripting logic, connected to crypto markets, enables users to implement long, short and arbitrage strategies – and seize opportunities. And traders don’t have to sit in front of screens 24 hours a day.

Pattern of blocks.

Crypto trading

Use Horizon’s platform to trade digital assets by connecting directly to a crypto exchange or trading through an aggregator. Either way, you can easily monitor your consolidated position – combining crypto spot trading and derivatives – whether you trade on crypto or traditional exchanges.

Market making with crypto derivatives

Horizon gives you flexible tools to work with crypto derivatives. Market making functionality can price, quote and hedge your crypto derivatives positions. Use pricing that's based on a basket of cryptos, and hedge over several exchanges, both traditional and digital.

With Horizon, it’s easy to work seamlessly between crypto and traditional exchanges. Issue crypto certificates on a traditional exchange, for example, while hedging them on digital exchanges. And Horizon Extend provides even more options, such as custom quoting and Smart Order Routing logics.

Machine learning and arbitrage

When you use Horizon Extend to interface with external AI models, you can automate trading based on signals from the model. Horizon also helps you use market data to continue training and improving an AI model.

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