Market Making

Horizon’s trading solution for market making manages all types of products listed on Exchanges or traded through off-exchange venues, including stocks, futures, options, warrants, ETF, delta ones, barrier products such as CBBCs or Turbo, investment or leverage vehicles, or digital assets.

Horizon handles continuous and public/private RFQ-based Market Making and provides tools and parameters to easily ensure Market Maker obligations are enforced.

Horizon provides built-in pricing and volatility models and, with Horizon Extend, allows integration with internal or third-party pricing engines.

Pattern of blocks.

Position Management

Monitor your position per underlying, expiry or instrument in a hierarchy of portfolios with access to several indicators, including net quantity, P&L, delta and gamma.

Positions are valued in real time from market data and built-in/integrated pricing engines.


Horizon offers built-in strategies for delta hedging, with advanced logic such as delta thresholds and hedging proxies, along with the ability to leverage Horizon Scenario Orders and Execution Algos.

Custom strategies can also be developed using Horizon Extend.

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