Proprietary Trading & Arbitrage

Proprietary Trading

Prop traders need tools that help them make informed trading decisions. With our platform, you can connect real-time Level 1 and Level 2 market data with Horizon’s pricing capabilities. Control how you trade – whether using Horizon’s quick click-trading feature, built-in automation, or custom algorithms with Horizon Extend.

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Pair Trading

Trade a pair of instruments, with your own custom price formula, spreads, margins and quantities. Traders can choose to expose the price of one instrument to the market – or not. On execution, the system will automatically hedge on the pair’s second leg.

Composite Spreader

Monitor the spread between multiple instruments on one or more markets. Then, automatically make the trade when it reaches your target level. Horizon lets you adjust trading parameters with configurable sizes, timings, and margins – and the option to include stop loss features.

Index Arbitrage

Monitor the basis between a basket of stocks (or an index) and a future. When that basis reaches your target level, automatically trade the instruments. Choose between an aggressive approach, trading all instruments at once, or a more conservative one that trades the stocks first, while hedging on futures as the trades happen. Execution can be highly customized to fit your trading needs, and it can leverage Horizon Basket Trading functionalities for manual fine tuning.

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