FIX Client Onboarding

FIX connectivity

We make client onboarding painless. Horizon supports point-to-point FIX onboarding, as well as onboarding through certified connectivity to the main order routing networks, including EMSX, CRD and others. Our standardized, yet flexible, FIX Rules of Engagement can be customized to adjust to any workflow or client particularities.

Pattern of blocks.

Client setup

Horizon simplifies client onboarding with native features to identify clients, enrich the message flow and control your risk. And our OEMS offers a complete and extensible Client and Account data model that can fit any client-specific logic, such as routing, message enrichments and pre-trade risk.

Pre-Trade Risk

The Safety Pre-Trade Risk module lets you enforce client risk checks (such as credit limits, order checks, authorizations, and more) and market risk checks (including price deviation and fat finger errors).

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